Beam-Up Solar Cell I-V Curve Measurement System

Solar Cell Beam Up I-V Measurement System.

PV Measurements Beam-Up I-V Curve Measurement Systems continue a long tradition of easy-to-use, fully configurable equipment for solar cell research delivering high accuracy and precise measurement results. The IV16-LBU system provides maximum flexibility for measurements on all-back-contact solar cells up to 16 cm x 16 cm in size.


  • Flexible Cell Probing
  • Class-AAA Solar Simulator
  • Long Working Distance
  • Temperature Monitor
  • Configurable Sweep Rates
  • Ergonomic Work Station

System Description

The solar simulator illuminates the test device while the electronic load sweeps the cell voltage from a reverse-bias condition, through the power quadrant, and beyond Voc while synchronously monitoring and recording the light intensity. The system’s computer gathers data, calculates solar cell parameters, generates printable test reports, and saves test data in text files. The easy-to use interface allows for quick and precise adjustment of sweep parameters including sweep range, direction, and rate. Measurement procedures can be saved in a file for future use.


The configuration shown in the photograph above is based on the IV-16 Solar Cell I-V Measurement System. PV measurements can provide multiple versions of the system based on various solar simulator sizes and measurment units. Please contact us at or call +1-303-386-3950.

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