TFQ-BU Test Fixture for IPCE / QE/ SR Measurements of Superstrate Devices

This test fixture maximizes the flexibility and ease of use in measurements of superstrate device on the QEX10 Solar Cell Quantum Efficiency / IPCE / Spectral Response Measurement System. A similar fixture is available for the new QEXL system although some design details are improved.


Specifications for the TFQ-BU Test Fixture for Quantum Efficiency Measurements of Superstrate Style Devices
Electrical Interface 2 wire
Front Electrical Device Connection None
Back Electrical Device Connection Joystick micromanipulator probes.
Maximum Cell Size Infinite.
Minimum Cell Size 4 mm x 4 mm, limited by beam size. Cells this small require a quartz glass plate for additional support.
Cell Style Superstrate device

Insulating Superstrate Device

Superstrate Device Configuration 

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