TFI-F# Test Fixture for I-V Measurements of Superstrate Devices

The Flip Test Fixture for I-V Measurement Systems is designed to hold and contact rigid superstrate test devices. The clamp holds samples up to 100 mm x 100 mm or 160 mm x 160 mm depending on the size chosen.

Spring probes contact the test device on either the front or back. Back contact devices are easily probed from the top while the device is upside down. Flip the fixture over to allow light to enter the device from above.

Soft Contacting for Delicate Devices

Some devices can be easily scratched by the sharp, hard needles of micropositioner probes. Micropositioner probes from PV Measurements include a soft, electrically conductice device protector that can be used with the micropositioner to prevent scratching of delicate films.

Reference Cell Mount

The test fixture includes two locations to mount a reference cell. This enables mounting of a low profile reference cell by PV Measurements or reference cells by other manufacturers with the active device at or near the same height as your devices.


Specifications for the TFI-C Test Fixture for I-V Measurements of Sandwich Style Devices
Electrical Interface 4 wire
Front Electrical Device Connection Joystick micromanipulator probes (up to 4)
Back Electrical Device Connection Joystick micromanipulator probes (up to 4)
Maximum Superstrate Size 100 mm x 100 mm (TFQ-F10)
160 mm x 160 mm (TFQ-F16)
Minimum Superstrate Size 25 mm x 25 mm
Cell Style Insulating superstrate device (all-back-contact)
Soft Contact Conductive Rubber
Other Sizes Custom sizes are available

Insulating Superstrate Device

Contact your PV Measurements representative for more details on test fixtures and which one is the best for your application.

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