Solar Cell I-V Data Acquisition System

Intended for customers who already have a light source or wish to purchase one separately, these systems interface with your continuous solar simulator and test device mounting fixture to measure the current-voltage characteristics of solar cells and small PV modules. These easy-to-use systems sweep I-V curves, calculate solar cell parameters, generate printable test reports, and save test data in text files. Sweep range, direction, and rate are adjustable.

Basic System Features

  • IVcurveDataAqcuisitionSystemIrradianceMonitorDesigned for use with customer's solar simulator and test fixture
  • Voltage range ±2.0 volts and ±10.0 volts
  • Current ranges ±0.1 mA to ±1.0 amperes
  • Computes solar cell parameters including Voc, Isc, Jsc, Vmax, Imax, Pmax, and efficiency
  • Measures light and dark I-V characteristics
  • Uses 4-wire interface to test device mounting and contacting fixture
  • Computer and I-V measurement software
  • Automatic solar simulator shutter control Instruction manual


  • Irradiance monitor to compensate for lamp flicker and drift
  • Additional current and voltage ranges
  • Provide measurement results to your database
  • Setup and training at your site
  • Other options are available; contact us to discuss your requirements.

Please note that customized systems are designed to meet your needs. Individual systems vary in appearance, components, and features.

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