IV-21 Solar Cell I-V Measurement System

Measure the I-V characteristics of large solar cells with the IV21 Solar Cell I-V Measurement System. The turn-key system irradiates an area up to 210 mm x 210 mm in size with a class ABA or class AAA solar simulator and characterizes their critical parameters such as Voc, Isc, Jsc, Vmax, Imax, Pmax, and efficiency.

This system includes the light source and measurement equipment needed to measure solar cell I-V curves on cells up to 21 cm x 21 cm. Its solar simulator illuminates the test device while the electronic load sweeps the cell voltage from a reverse-bias condition, through the power quadrant, and beyond Voc. Synchronized, precise voltage and current measurements form an I-V curve. The system’s computer gathers data, calculates solar cell parameters, generates printable test reports, and saves test data in text files so that data can easily be shared for further study. Sweep range, direction, and rate are adjustable.

Basic System Features

  • Class-ABA solar simulator with continuous 21 x 21 cm beam
  • Air Mass 1.5 Global spectral filtering
  • Voltage range: ±2.0 V
  • Current ranges: 4.0, 10.0, 16.0 amperes
  • Computes solar cell parameters: Voc, Isc, Jsc, Vmax, Imax, Pmax, and efficiency
  • Measures light and dark I-V characteristics
  • Irradiance monitor to compensate for lamp flicker and drift
  • 4-wire connection to customer's test device mounting and contacting fixture
  • Automatic solar simulator shutter control
  • Computer system with I-V measurement software
  • ASTM Method E 948-09 compliant
  • Instruction manual


  • Class-AAA solar simulator (upgrade from Class-ABA)
  • Additional current and voltage ranges
  • Temperature-controlled vacuum test fixture
  • Beam-up test fixture for superstrate devices
  • Provide measurement results to your database
  • Binning function
  • Reverse-bias leakage test
  • Attenuated light measurement capability for Rseries calculation
  • Interface with your automated cell-handling equipment
  • Setup and training at customer's site
  • Other options are available; please contact us to discuss your requirements
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