Solar Cell I-V Measurement Software

For the lab that already has a solar simulator and a Keithley SourceMeterâ„¢ the PV Measurements I-V Measurement Software saves valuable time and money with easy integration and advanced measurement capabilities.

This versatile program runs on your computer and interfaces with your Keithley SourceMeterâ„¢ to measure the current-voltage characteristics of solar cells and small PV modules. Its simple and informative user interface enables you to adjust sweep range, direction, and rate as well as access different voltage and current ranges. It calculates solar cell parameters, generates printable test reports, and saves test data in text files.

Solar Cell Parameter Reporting

The I-V Software provides the researcher with many important solar cell parameters immediately at the end of the scan. These include:

  • Voc
  • Isc
  • Jsc
  • Voc per cell
  • Pmax
  • Imax
  • Vmax
  • Rshunt
  • Rseries
  • Efficiency
  • Fill Factor

Scan Flexibility

The software allows for automatic scan parameter settings by measuring the approximate Isc and Voc of the test device before staring the scan. The end user can alos select the start and end points of the scan manually. Other availalbe parameters include:

  • Sweep Direction
  • Integration Time
  • Dwell Time
  • Number of Data Points

Irradiance Corrections

The I-V Software can be extended with the optional Irradiance Correction feature. When couple with the Irradiance Monitor hardware and a Keithely 2000, the software can provide a correction for any irradiance fluctuations in the solar simulator. The resulting data file then contains both the uncorrected and corrected I-V data.

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