Solar Simulator Uniformity Mapper

Ensure optimal uniformity of your Solar Simulator with a calibrated Solar Simulator Uniformity Mapper.

This light homogeneity sensor uses an array of solar cells to assess the uniformity of light on its surface. The 8 x 8 array of solar cells covers the test plane of your solar simulator, enabling the system to provide fast and accurate measurements of the uniformity of your solar simulator. Using the instant feedback of the PV Measurements Solar Simulator Uniformity Mapper, you can easily adjust your solar simulator to maximize the uniformity of the irradiance.

The uniformity mapper comes in a variety of sizes with an array of 8 cells x 8 cells in addition to irradiance monitoring cells.

Available array sizes:

  • 50 mm x 50 mm
  • 160 mm x 160 mm
  • 210 mm x 210 mm (6 cell x 6 cell subset fits within 160 mm x 160 mm)
  • 300 mm x 300 mm
  • Custom size for your application

The tester enables solar simulator users and manufacturers to quickly optimize or certify light beam uniformity.

Light from the solar simulator causes current to flow in the solar cells. The signal conditioning circuitry provides signals proportional to this current to the data acquisition equipment, which provides data to the computer. The computer interprets the data, provides a graphical display of the uniformity, maintains calibration information and saves test data.

The uniformity mapper is battery powered and can quickly be moved between different solar simulators in a manufacturing plant or research facility.

Basic System Features

  • Array of 64 monocrystalline silicon solar cells
  • Signal conditioning equipment
  • Data acquisition unit
  • Easy-to-use uniformity analysis software
  • Notebook computerSolarSimulatorUniformityMapperScreenShot
  • Battery operation (system is portable)
  • Instruction manual


  • Solar cell array tailored to your solar simulator’s beam size
  • Additional solar cell arrays for different beam sizes

Individual systems may vary in appearance and features.

Please review the I-V Health brochure for more details on the Solar Simulator Uniformity Mapper and contact our application specialists at to ensure that you get the best product for your application.

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