Module Type Outdoor Reference Cell

Increase accuracy of outdoor measurments with a outdoor reference cell. They are available in multiple configurations, including module packages such as the one shown here and in WPVS mounting pattern compatible packages. Also available are multi-cell packages with the main reference cell surrounded by similar cells for even better match to panel performance.

  • Portable
  • Weather resistant
  • Meets IEC 60904-2 Requirements for Reference Solar Devices.
  • Standard product offered with a built-in shunt resistor that meets IEC 60904-2. Isc X Rcal < 0.03 X Voc
  • Multi-cell configuration meets IEC 60904-2 requirements for Reference Cell in a Multi-Cell Package
  • Voc TCR better than 25 ppm/K and a 1% tolerance. 0.004 ohm for split 156 cell. 0.13 ohms for split 20 mm x 40 mm
  • Custom configurable shunt resistor values
  • Class-A RTD-Pt100 sensor mounted on cell
  • Standard connections are Amphenol Eco-Mate Connectors (X2)
  • Conductors are RTD (4-wire), Voc (2-wire), Isc (2-wire), and Auxiliary Cells if applicable (2-wire)
  • Customer specific connectors or connector-less option available upon request

Soiling Sensor

Soiling of photovoltaic modules is of great concern in many parts of the world. The source of soiling ranges from dust to salt spray to animal leavings. It is important to study the effects of the local soiling sources on power system performance before commissioning a system.

The Module Style Outdoor Reference Cell has been configured in two ways for soiling studies.

Single Solar Cell in a Module Package

Compare identical modules that have been treated in different ways. Cleaning one is quick and easy and provides for a good comparison.

Split Cell with a Wide Gap

The split cell configuration ensures that both cells are exactly in the same plane. The two cell halves are separated by a 10 mm gap that allows cleaning of one side while letting the other collect soil. Use multiple cells to get a parallel time series.

Custom Configurations

To meet your needs we provide custom configurations of the reference cell, including using your own solar cell in our package. Please contact our sales representative at +1.303.386.3950 or to discuss your custom configuration.

Calibration Options

To meet the needs of all customers, PV Measurements provides a variety of calibration options for the module type outdoor reference cell.

  • No calibration
  • Calibration with typical temperature coefficients for cells from this batch
  • Calibration with temperature coefficients for this reference cell
Call +1 303.386.3950 or email to discuss your photovoltaic characterization needs.