QEX7 Solar Cell Spectral Response / Quantum Efficiency / IPCE Measurement System

The QEX7 Solar Cell Spectral Response / IPCE /Quantum Efficiency Measurement System has been discontinued.

Our product development team has responded to customer requests with three advanced measurement systems:

Since the introduction of the QEX10 in June of 2010, we have shipped many units and received great customer feedback. Based on that feedback and in order to best serve our customers, we are now offering the QEX10 and QEXL systems. PV Measurements will continue support for the many QEX7 systems that are in use in photovoltaics development laboratories and manufacturing facilities around the world.

For users familiar with use and operation of the QEX7, the QEX10 will look familiar. The software has been modified to make operation of the system easier while keeping key components in similar locations to make it easy for users of the QEX7 to transition to the QEX10.

For users that have enjoyed the simple mounting of samples on the various test fixtures used with the QEX7, the QEX10 offers more room to work and even easier, more flexible mounting options Switching between Reflectance and EQE modes now takes only a few seconds and no optical realignment.

System maintenance has been simplified with easier access to consumable parts and reduction in the number of tools needed

The QEX10 has a smaller footprint than the QEX7 to conserve laboratory space.

Please enquire by calling +1 303.386.3950 or sending an email to pvmsales@pvmeasurements.com

QEX7 description

PV Measurements' solar cell QE systems can measure the spectral response of a wide variety of photovoltaic devices, including p-n junction and dye-nanocrystalline solar cells (DSSCs).


All QEX7 solar cell QE systems include a xenon light source, monochromator, filters, and reflective optics to provide monochromatic light to a photovoltaic device while a broadband bias light illuminates the test device to simulate end-use conditions. A computer interfaces with the monochromator, signal conditioning equipment, and digital signal processing equipment; interprets signals; maintains calibration information; saves test data; and produces test reports. Different models include different features and can be configured with different options.

Basic System Features

  • Dual grating monochromator with computer control
  • Filter wheel with order-sorting and stray light attenuation filters
  • Calibrated reference photodiode
  • Line filter for wavelength calibration verification
  • White bias light source
  • Simultaneous measurement of device response and light intensity
  • Easy-to-use graphical user interface
  • Computer, LCD monitor, mouse and keyboard
  • 300-1100 nm (Model QEX7) or 360-1100 nm (Model QEW7) wavelength range
  • Monochromatic light spectral bandwidth approximately 5 nm (user changeable)
  • Selectable wavelength interval (default 5 nm)
  • Calculates Jsc estimate using reference spectrum
  • Training at PV Measurements' site in Boulder, Colorado
  • Instruction manual


  • Setup and training at customer site
  • Reflectance and IQE measurement capability (Model QEX7)
  • 1100-1400 nm wavelength range extension
  • DC measurement mode capability
  • Test fixture and contacting mechanism designed to meet your requirements
  • Temperature control for the test fixture
  • Multi-junction device measurement capability
  • Other options are available; please contact us to discuss your requirements.


Example QE measurements of single-junction solar cells


Example QE measurement of a triple-junction solar cell

Measure the quantum efficiency of any type of solar cell, including:

  • Mono crystalline silicon (Si)
  • Multi crystalline silicon (mc-Si)
  • Amorphous silicon (a-Si)
  • Gallium arsenide (GaAs)
  • Gallium indium arsenide (GaInAs)
  • Gallium aluminum arsenide (GaAlAs)
  • Gallium indium phosphite (GaInP)
  • Cadmium telluride (CdTe)
  • Indium phosphite (InP)
  • Zinc oxide (ZnO)
  • Copper indium selenide (CIS)
  • Copper indium gallium selenide (CIGS)
  • Dye sensitized (DSSC)
  • Inorganic
  • Organic
  • Polymer
  • Single junction
  • Multi junction
  • Substrate
  • Superstrate

Individual systems may vary in appearance,components, and features.

Call +1 303.386.3950 or email pvmsales@pvmeasurements.com to discuss your photovoltaic characterization needs.