Refurbished Solar Cell Research Equipment

QEX10 Solar Cell Quantum Efficiency Measurement System.

We have a used QEX10 Solar Cell Quantum Efficiency / IPCE / Spectral Response Measurement System in stock and want you to make sure you have an opportunity to get your hands on it at the special offer of 25 % off the list price. the system is refurbished in our factory and comes with a full 1 year warranty.

Fully loaded!

  • QEX10 basic configuration
  • QE-IR8 1800 nm wavelength range extension.
  • TFQ-BU beam up test fixture for all back-contact devices.
  • QE-DC for DC measurements on slow responding solar cells such as dye solar cells (DSC or DSSC).
  • QE-MJ3 additional broadband, white bias light for multi-junction solar cell measurement. Also included is a kit of spectral filters for III-V triple junction measurements.
  • QEX10-IQE20 hemispherical reflectance measurement option for devices larger than 20 mm in diameter.
  • QE-SIQE simulataneous measurement of specular reflectance along with the EQE to give an IQE estimate in a single scan.
  • QE-SLTV monochromator discrete slit selection option. Quickly and repeatably change the slit height and width of the monochromator. This enables faster probe beam optimization for a variety of devices.
  • QE-IV capability to measure the I-V curves of small devices using the QEX10 electronics. You can use an external solar simulator or the bias light built into the QEX10 to get fast results on devices with Isc up to 200 mA through a familiar user interface and without the need to remount your solar cell.

The system can easily be upgraded to include features such as a glovebox measurement interface and thermoelectric temperature control. Check with your PV Measurements specialist to see how this system can accelerate your research.

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