PV Measurements Ships the First QEXL Solar Cell Quantum Efficiency Measurement System

Compact, Easy – to – Use QE Measurement System for DSSC, Perovskite, Organic, Silicon and Thin-Film Solar Cells

QEXL Solar Cell Quantum Efficiency Measurement System.

Boulder, Colorado; October 23, 2014 – PV Measurements has introduced and shipped the first of the new line of QEXL Solar Cell Quantum Efficiency / IPCE / Spectral Response Measurement Systems.

PV Measurements, a global leader in manufacturing of photovoltaics characterization equipment, has once again made it easier and more affordable for researchers to advance the state of the art in photovoltaics by introducing the new QEXL Solar Cell Quantum Efficiency / IPCE / Spectral Response Measurement System.

Industry-leading features, including flexible chopping frequency and a seamless switch between AC and DC modes make QEXL the best choice for devices with slow response time. With a chopping frequency range of 1 Hz to 120 Hz, researchers working on DSSC, Perovskite and CdTe devices can now characterize their devices over a broad range of chopping frequencies with unprecedented ease.

Advanced measurement control performs a pre-programmed sequence of measurements. The system automatically adjusts the scan range, bias settings, chopping frequency, and many other parameters, allowing the user to leave the system unattended while it executes each scan.

This powerful platform has been adapted for measurements on devices as small as 1 mm x 1 mm in power mode and to include features such as LBIC mapping, reflectance, I-V, and CV measurements. The optional integrated microscope camera allows sample imaging and eases probing of very small samples.

PV Measurements, based in Boulder, CO has driven the supply of quality characterization equipment for the PV industry and research since its founding in 1999. The company provides a wide range of systems for QE and I-V measurements on solar cells and panels in addition to tools to ensure the accuracy of those measurements.

See more on the QEXL Solar Cell Quantum Efficiency / IPCE / Spectral Response Measurement System product page.

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